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The Tiger Times October 31, 2022

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Tiger Times October 31 2022

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Tiger Town! I hope your weekend was fantastic, and I hope you are rested and ready. This is going to be another eventful week on campus. Be sure to catch up on all those assignments that snuck up on you over the weekend... Just Jokessss, kinda!
Go Tigers!

Special Events:

This Wednesday, Ignite will meet in Capachi's @ 7PM. Also don't forget that early voting is open for our local elections. Check out to see where you cast your vote!

Upcoming Events:


  • Men's Bball vs UCA (away)
  • Pre-registration Opens


  • JV MBB vs S. AR Comm @ 6PM (home)
  • Ignite @ 7PM


  • Volleyball Tourney Day 1
  • JV MBB vs Central Baptist @ 6pm (home)
  • WBB vs Tarleton (away)


  • Volleyball Tourney Day 2


  • Volleyball Tourney Day 3

You Win 1, You Lose 1

It's basketball season baby! The Champion Classic made for a fantastic weekend. From Jason Garcia taking a Flagrant 2, Kamryn Gentry's 22 rebounds, and Drew volunteering to be the mop boy, everyone was hands on this weekend. Night one started with the women's team winning 88-56 to Bacone, and the men's team losing 76-74 to Arkansas Baptist. Justys Irish Holmes ended the night with 20 points, shooting 70% from the field. Night two capped the weekend with the women's team losing 61-76 against Arkansas Baptist, and the men's team winning 76-65 in OT against Ecclesia. The cherry on top was AJ William's lob to Xavier Hall for a slam dunk!


Heads up everybody!! Pre-registration for Spring classes opens Tuesday morning. Be sure to get with your advisors to ensure that you get the classes you want and NEED for your degree plan. Nothing is scarier than realizing you are not on track to graduate! Trust me!

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