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Champion Academics

Our Academic Mission

At Champion, providing you with a challenging and inspiring academic environment is a priority. We feel that every student should strive to develop character and diligence both inside and outside the classroom. Our mission includes providing a solid academic foundation and equipping each student with the tools needed to think critically, dream creatively, and impact this world for the Kingdom of God.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies

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Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministries

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Associate of Arts in Professional Studies

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Why Study at Champion

Hands-On Learning

Sitting in excellent classes with the most qualified instructors can't begin to compare with "learning by doing.” We are committed to helping you practice your skills, develop your character, and ascertain your calling through our wide selection of internships and practicums. Whether across the street or around the globe, our students are changing the culture--and themselves. For more information about our internships and other ministry endeavors, click here.

A Personal Experience

Each student is more than a number or a statistic at Champion. We consider students part of our family. That's why we have always emphasized the importance of small class sizes. Small classes have not only been shown to provide a higher success rate post-graduation; they also allow our students to build lasting relationships with their classmates and professors. As a student in a Champion classroom, you're guaranteed a nurturing learning experience that focuses on you!

Rooted in Biblical Truth

Our professors teach with a love and commitment for God's word and they communicate biblical principles that have application in every aspect of life. You'll be taught by professors with a love for the Lord and a reverence for His Word. This mindset isn't limited to our Bible department; each class, no matter the concentration, is carefully built upon the foundation of Scripture. Best of all, our Christ-centered education will train you to "search the Scriptures" (John 5:39 KJV) for yourself, empowering you to articulate and defend your beliefs in an increasingly dark world.

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