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Programs — Undergraduate

Professional Licensure

Champion Christian College works diligently to maintain the highest curriculum standards to prepare students for employment opportunities after program completion. While the campus and online curriculums provide students with the fundamental information needed for employment in their selected area of study, Champion makes no claim that completion of the program requirements results in automatic professional licensure. Each student must seek professional licensure through the examination or certification process designated by the governing board(s) in their respective state or region.

Degree Programs

Associate of Arts in Professional Studies

60 hours

This two-year degree lays the foundation for a broad base of knowledge through the Christian and General Education Core requirements and degree-specific or elective courses chosen by the student in consultation with an academic advisor.

The AA degree prepares students in meeting their professional and personal educational goals.

  • General Education Core — (51 Hours)
  • Electives — (9 Hours)


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Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministries

120 hours

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministry will choose from 1 of 4 different emphases: Intercultural Studies, Pastoral Studies, Youth and Family, and Music.

  • General Education Core — (51 Hours)
  • Biblical Studies — (18 Hours)
  • Christian Ministry Studies — (18 Hours)


Pastoral Ministry
  • Emphasis — (21 Hours)
  • Electives— (12 Hours)
Youth and Family
  • Emphasis — (18 Hours)
  • Electives— (15 Hours)
  • Emphasis — (51 Hours)

18 Hours of Church Ministry courses not required for Music.

Intercultural Studies
  • Emphasis — (21 Hours)
  • Electives — (12 Hours)

Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies

120 Hours

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies will choose from 1 of 5 different concentrations (majors): Business, Sports Management, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, or Criminal Justice. Those pursuing Secondary Education will also choose among the following 6 specializations: English, Spanish, Math, Social Studies, Life Sciences, or Physical Education.

  • General Education Core — (51 Hours)


  • Core — (63 Hours)
  • Electives— (6 Hours)
Criminal Justice
  • Core — (63 Hours)
  • Electives— (6 Hours)
Sports Management
  • Core — (64 Hours)
  • Electives— (5 Hours)
Elementary Education
  • Core — (55 Hours)
  • Practica — (18 Hours)
  • Electives— (6 Hours)
Secondary Education
  • Core — (21 Hours)
  • Specialization* — (30 Hours)
  • Practica — (18 Hours)

*Secondary Education Specializations:

Physical Education
Social Studies

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