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About Chapel

We are committed to helping our students grow—not only academically, but also spiritually.  For that reason, Champion offers a biweekly chapel service designed to help our students connect with scripture, the Lord, and with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Chapel is also where students connect with each other and build school allegiance. During our much-anticipated Spirit Weeks, exciting games are offered during chapel; victorious students earn points for their class. Also, before a Tigers game, chapel is the location for fast-paced pep rallies that motivate the team and energize the fans!

Challenging, encouraging, inspiring, exciting—chapel is synonymous with the Champion experience.  In fact, our students consistently name chapel as one of the most impactful aspects of their time at Champion.

Champion Christian College Chapel

What You Can Expect

During chapel, students can expect dynamic preaching that applies Christian doctrine to everyday life. Speakers vary and are frequently selected from among the leadership at Champion and the affiliated Gospel Light Baptist Church.  

In addition, guest speakers are regularly invited from the community: businesspeople, evangelists, government officials, law enforcement officers, and more. They are chosen for their unique combination of Christian testimony and sphere of positive influence. Check out what it’s like to be a Champion Tiger! Explore the campus, attend chapel, choose a class to sit in on, enjoy a provided lunch, and attend a few of our athletic events!

How to Get Involved

Interested in getting involved? Join the chapel worship team! Use your musical talents to lead the school in worship prior to the message. You can also volunteer to serve as the weekly Student of the Word. You will have the opportunity to share a testimony or devotional thought at the beginning of chapel. We love for our students to get involved with chapel!

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