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Study Tips for Freshmen

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We get it—college is very different from high school. As a student, you want to receive good grades, but sometimes difficult subjects, lack of study skills, or the sheer stress of transition can threaten to derail your goals. But academic excellence is more than our ideal at Champion; it’s our passion, and we never grow tired of helping our students succeed. Here are three of our best study tips for incoming freshmen:

• Budget your time. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the thought of all your responsibilities, develop a plan for what you’ll do when—and methodically approach each assignment.
• Focus on studying. There’s no point in budgeting your study time if you’re distracted during it. When it’s time to study, put away your phone, eliminate or minimize interruptions, and choose a quiet location.
• Seek help if you need it. Champion offers full-service tutoring to address any subject, provide guidance for a specific assignment, or simply offer coaching for general success habits. Seeking tutoring doesn’t make you a “bad student”; it means you’re smart enough to take advantage of the support networks available.

Yes, college can be stressful, but the road to a high GPA doesn’t have to be. Budgeting your time, focusing on your studies, and seeking help if needed will put you on the path to grades that will make you (and your teachers) happy!

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