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What can I do with a Church Ministries degree?

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Church Ministries Degree Programs at Champion Christian College in Hot Springs, AR

Thirty years ago, pastors were the main group of people with ministry degrees. Today, the scope of careers supported by ministry degrees has expanded to include the work of senior pastors, pastoral staff members, music ministers, youth leaders, children’s leaders, leaders in community work, those in missions and church planting, and various capacities of chaplaincy. To give you an idea of the expanded reach that is possible with a church ministries degrees, just take a look at the options available to those serving in the realm of chaplaincy. Chaplains are no longer relegated to hospitals, prisons, and military bases. Now, chaplains are working in places as diverse as retirement centers, assisted living facilities, police and fire departments, hospice care centers, in sports, and in corporate offices. The curriculum for a Church Ministries degree provides students with an enriched program of biblical, theological, and practical studies focused on critical areas of modern ministry in the church and para-church environments. Champion currently offers the following concentrations: Intercultural Studies, Pastoral Studies, and Youth and Family Ministry.Learn more about the Church Ministries degree program at

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