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What is the difference between biblical studies and theology?

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Are you passionate about Christian studies? With so many terms to navigate, it is easy to get confused. At Champion Christian College, we are here to help clarify the differences between biblical studies and theology, so you can deepen your understanding of these important disciplines.

While both biblical studies and theology share similarities, there are distinct ways to distinguish them. Biblical studies focus on studying the Bible itself, typically book by book to acquire an accurate understanding of its meaning. On the other hand, theology (the study of God) seeks to grasp an overall understanding of God by exploring topics, categories, and common themes.

It is important to note that there is often an overlap between the studies, as Dr. Elsen Portugal, Academic Dean at Champion, explains: "While categories such as biblical studies and theology are helpful to facilitate learning, more often than not, disciplines are best studied in relationship to one another."

At Champion, we believe in the value of studying Scripture through both lenses. Rather than pitting biblical studies against theology, we focus on how to effectively examine and understand both. This approach is evident in our core curriculum, where courses like "Biblical Backgrounds" delve into fundamental lessons and stories, falling under the biblical studies lens, while "Biblical Theology" explores Christian doctrines from a theological perspective.

Ultimately, the goal of studying God's Word is to deepen our relationship with Him. As long as we read the Bible with trust in its divine Author and seek to find a deeper understanding of Him, whether through biblical or theological studies becomes secondary. Both approaches serve as a means to an end.

Discover how our students are using their knowledge and passion to serve in ministry contexts. If you have a passion for ministry and want to explore the intricacies of God's Word, consider pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries at Champion. Dr. Dennis Malone, Vice-President of Distance Education at Champion, reminds, “Students can enroll in either the campus program or the online program and receive the same educational experience.” Champion’s program equips you to engage in thought-provoking discussions, apply biblical concepts to real-life situations, and share the teachings of the Bible with others.

To learn more about the various concentrations in Church Ministries (biblical and theological studies) request more information today.

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